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Old Scientific Visualization Software I've written.

Here we have some old 3D graphics apps I wrote. I'm sure that much of the code in these would be cringe-worthy to me now, but for the sake of completeness I've included much of it anyway. All of these programs were written for Linux.

Lascivious (Lisp Visualization System)

Lascivious is an ongoing experiment in writing visualization software in Common Lisp. I undertook the project both to learn lisp and to see how hard it was to write speed and memory efficient lisp code. Currently I have a working direct volume renderer without a whole lot of bells and whistles. Its capable of producing nice looking images, but it doesn't use any fancy optimizations; it has early ray termination and thats about it. It has been an interesting experiment in low-level lisp optimization, however.

So far I've only tested it in CMUCL, since CMUCL has a fast compiler. It would be pointless to run Lascivious in an interpreter.

lascivious-0.1.tar.gz -- Early version.

Rotmovie 5.0

Rotmovie is a scientific visualization tool that I helped develop for the North Carolina State University Condensed Matter Theory Group. I was responsible for the graphical user interface and the graphics and visualization functions. To achieve this, I used Gtk+ to help build the GUI and I used Vtk(Visualization Toolkit) as the foundation for the 3d graphics and visualization functions.

    Rotmovie features:
  • Allows realtime 3d interaction with molecular models
  • Display of molecules is highly configurable through the graphical user interface
  • Configurable display of isosurfaces extracted from electron density datasets
  • VCR controls to play movies of molecules as they undergo chemical reactions
  • Saves output files of various image and data formats(BMP, PPM, Postscript, Coordinate files)
Screenshots of my desktop while running Rotmovie: basic operation  isosurfaces

Rotmovie 5.0 source


GVS or the "Gtk Visualization System" is a Gtk+ interface to the Volpack volume rendering API developed at Stanford. Its not complete yet, but I have used it to create a few useful electron density renderings for the Condensed Matter Theory Group at NCSU.

Screenshots of gvs: 1 2

GVS source


GtkVolrender is a program I wrote for my final project in a computer graphics course. Its a simple direct volume renderer.

GtkVolrender source


Sisyphus is a very simple program that creates looping movies on your desktop from a collection of image files that you provide. Sisyphus was written with the aid of the SDL multimedia library.

Sisyphus source
Lisp version

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