Product 11is the professional/personal site of Jonathan Simpson. I am a programmer and hobbyist game developer.

Shinji Mikami and the Lost Art of Game Design


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I've always had an interest in games of all types, but my interest seems to have intensified in recent years. Videogames are what capture most of my attention, but my tastes will most likely always be influenced by my exposure to pen and paper role-playing games as a kid.

As a programmer, I am obviously intrigued by the technical challenges involved in making games, but I am also drawn to the slightly more abstract area of game design as well. In particular, I am fascinated by game systems and mechanics. You might say I have a simulationist bent.

I also have a blog, Taipei Gamer, where I often discuss games. Feel free to step outside and check it out if the air ever gets too stuffy in here :)

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