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Gtermix Neo

Gtermix is a Gtk+ telnet client with VGA texmode support, written by Nate Case. Its implementation includes VGA text and terminal widgets for Gtk+. I began using Gtermix to login to telnet accesible BBSes running old DOS door games. Nate's last Gtermix release was 0.2 on 12/17/2003. Since it had been so long since the last release, I decided to pick up the torch and fix a few issues that bugged me. I've dubbed my unofficial fork Gtermix Neo.

I haven't extensively tested my code(at all) so I am sure there are still some issues here and there.

    0.2 to Neo-0.2.1 Changelog:
  • Added an automatically scrolling text buffer of 250 lines, asjustable with a Gtk+ scrollbar
  • Modified "Display File" function to pause after every 25 lines (still needs work)
  • Fix the apparent noise which occasionally occurs in telnet sessions with ANSI graphics
  • Fix incorrect newline calculation in "Display File" function
  • COMPLETE! Branch off the new widgets so that other developers can easily make use of them

Gtermix Neo 0.2.1 source

Google Code project page for VGA widgets branched from Gtermix.

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