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Shinji Mikami and the Lost Art of Game Design



OSRIC is a non-copyright infringing clone of First Edition AD&D, often refered to as a retroclone in the old school pen and paper RPG community. There are a number of such systems, but OSRIC is my personal favorite. Unlike some of the others, OSRIC is fully AD&D compatible and doesn't attempt to modernize any of AD&D's original conventions. You can download a free PDF of the OSRIC system at Knights & Knaves.


Although OSRIC is a complete AD&D compatible game system, it is lacking in at least one area. OSRIC does not have a psionics system. It is my aim to rectify that with an OSRIC psionics system of my own. In keeping with OSRIC's purpose, my goal is to clone the AD&D psionics system as closely as possible.

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