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Shinji Mikami and the Lost Art of Game Design



In 1992, after being forced out of the company he co-founded, TSR, Gary Gygax developed a multigenre roleplaying system for GDW called Dangerous Journeys. Mythus is the fantasy portion(and the only part of the system to see publication due to a lawsuit from TSR) of the Dangerous Journeys system. In many ways Mythus can be seen as as extension of the latter baroque era of AD&D that began with Unearthed Arcana, but designed from the beginning to support the increased complexity.

Mythus's weaknesses are twofold. The first is that play requires a lot of bookkeeping, especially with regard to character creation. The second is that the rulebooks suffer from poor editing and organization. My goal for this page is to address these issues and make Mythus a more enjoyable game to play, one that reflects its true potential.

Programs and Files

My Mythus Character Sheet is an Open Office spreadsheet(Excel 2007 version) that automates a lot of the bookkeeping that Mythus is infamous for. It automatically calculates BAC due to high STEEP, PMPow damage bonuses, avoidance rolls, effect levels, dodging factors, etc. It also has drop-down boxes for K/S areas to reduce typing and automatically fills in formulas to calculate their STEEP scores and generated Heka. It is based off of Douglas Eaton's spreadsheet.

My Mythus House Rules are my personal collection of rules clarifications and additions designed to support an Asian themed campaign.

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